Cranialsacral Therapy

Cranialsacral therapy is a gentle, yet powerful hands-on approach for restoring connectivity in the body. 

It targets pain, stress, and any “blockages” within cranialsacral-based systems to release tension, restore balance, and inspire optimum health and performance.

The number of cranialsacral treatments recommended for patients vary according to the issue being treated. Acute injuries or diseases often require as little as two to six treatments. However, chronic conditions and diseases require more time to shift patterns and create a more balanced state.

Benefits of Cranialsacral Therapy

Profoundly Preventative
Relieves Chronic Pain
Enhances the bodies own healing mechanisms
Optimizes the Central Nervous System
Relieves emotional difficulties
Releases chronic tensions
Encourages deep meditative states
Promotes clarity of mind
Promotes Healthy Immune system and bolsters resistance to disease
Positivly influences Hormonal and Metabolic systems
Deeply relaxing, soothing and calming
Safely resolves traumas to the body
Clears restrictions in connective tissues of the body

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Cranial-sacral therapy is a gentle, yet powerful hands-on approach for restoring connectivity in the body. It is a holistic, soothing way to target pain, eliminate stress, and release “blockages” within cranial-sacral-based systems.

Using soft touch, no heavier than the weight of nickel (>5 grams), your Cranial-sacral therapist will note the state of the tissues in your central nervous system and release any detected blockages or restrictions. This will break up tension, enable connectivity between key systems, and inspire optimum health and performance.

By normalizing the environment around your brain and your spinal cord in this way, Cranial-sacral thereby improves the body’s ability to self-correct, restore critical balance, fight pain, prevent and/or minimize disease, and address other types of discord that may exist.

Cranial-sacral therapy has its roots in osteopathy and was discovered by osteopathic physician Dr. William Sutherland (1873-1954). In his research, Sutherland uncovered the existence of movements or “rhythms” that initiated within the brain, travelled through the cranial sacral system to the sacrum, and throughout the tissues around the central nervous system. He concluded that these movements are the body’s innate life force, which he called the “Breath of Life.”

Sutherland’s discovery was further developed by another cranial-sacral pioneer, Dr. John Upledger (1932-2012), who was also a biomechanics professor at Michigan State University. Through his research and clinical testing, Upledger expanded upon the science behind this complementary therapy, growing its credibility worldwide. He also founded the Upledger Institute International, which remains a global leader in cranial-sacral resources and instruction today.

In a cranial-sacral session, you will lie on a massage-type table in a quiet, peaceful and nurturing setting. As your therapist, I will apply subtle touch, “listening” through my hands to detect the cranial-sacral rhythm, as well as restrictions to its movement and fluidity. Depending on what is detected, I will move my hands to various areas of the body, using soothing, light touch to release blockages in the “Breath of Life.” This enables its fluid movement throughout the cranial-sacral system, specifically the tissues, fluids, and bones within it.

At the start of your first session, you will be invited to fill out some basic health and wellness paperwork, as well as share health concerns. With every session, however, you are always free to share any thoughts, feelings, or concerns before the treatment begins. Silence is usually maintained during the treatment, allowing me to focus on and listen to what is transpiring in the cranial-sacral system. Some conversation, when appropriate, may take place. It’s possible that you may drift off to sleep or remain awake. I welcome discussion and more sharing about the experience at the end of your session.

Cranial-sacral therapy takes place in a setting that is safe and free of judgment. Anything that comes up or that patients wish to communicate is encouraged and viewed as confidential.

Sometimes numbing, tingling, or other types of physical sensations occur. These may be in response to momentary pain, resistance, the release of blockages, or memories stored in the body. But this treatment is generally painless and soothing. Most patients report feeling centered, calm, relaxed, and a sense of great peace. With the release of physical blockages often comes an emotional release. Crying or other types of emotional expression are common. Your feelings, reactions, and emotions are welcome and never judged in this safe place of healing.

Depending on your needs, sessions will be customized to address your health and wellness concerns.

Treatments are ideal for
acute injury, stress, and disease
chronic pain, conditions, and disease
emotional, physical, and mental health
maternity and pediatric support (eight years old and older)

Here is a basic list of what cranial-sacral can address:

Brain and spinal cord injuries
Central nervous system disorders
Chronic and acute neck pain and back pain
Chronic fatigue
Emotional distress (anxiety, stress, depression, worry, etc.)
Immune system support
Childhood disorders (eight years old and older)
Maternity and post-partum concerns
Migraines and headaches
Motor-coordination impairments
Learning disabilities
Orthopedic problems
Pediatric concerns (eight years old and older)
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Stress and tension-related disorders
Support through Life Changes
TMJ Dysfunction
Vertigo, tinnitus, and Meniere’s disease

In some patients with brain injuries or condition, there are have been some reported side effects. Other than that, no harmful, dangerous, or negative side effects are known.

Each person’s cranial-sacral experience is unique. Acute conditions may require between 2-6 sessions. More chronic conditions or serious diseases often require a longer time period to shift stubborn patterns in the cranial-sacral system and resolve areas of significant resistance.

At this time, Sō•ma Therapy does not take insurance. However, it is possible to receive receipts to submit to your insurance company should it cover some portion of alternative healthcare.

Yes, in fact, cranial-sacral therapy is effective for supporting many of the changes that come with pregnancy and the post-partum experience. This includes not only physical aches and pains but also emotional and spiritual challenges that often arise during and after pregnancy. 

Also, studies show that mothers who experience gentle touch during pregnancy are better able to provide loving touch to their newborn baby.In addition to being certified in cranial-sacral therapy, I have extensive experience in obstetric nursing and am also a mother myself. I know that nurturing the mother who is nurturing her child is equally important in the journey that parenthood presents.

I am certified to work with children 8 years old and older. Cranial-sacral therapy offers safe and supportive holistic treatments for infants and children alike. Since cranial-sacral treatments are gentle in nature, your child should not experience pain. However, as is their nature, sometimes children cry or move about the table or room. I will work with your child to ensure his/her comfort during treatments. It is common for children to relax and even sleep deeply during and after treatment.

Some of the most common reasons why parents bring in their children for pediatric care include:

Acute injuries (sprains, pulled muscles, sports injuries, etc.)
Cerebral palsy
Crawling concerns
Crying concerns
Emotional stress
Infant development
Stress and tension-related disorders