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Cranial sacral therapy session expectations.   
  by Soma Sexton on Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sometimes numbing, tingling, or other types of physical sensations occur. These may be in response to momentary pain, resistance, the release of blockages, or memories stored in the body. 

But this treatment is generally painless and soothing. Most patients report feeling centered, calm, relaxed, and a sense of great peace. With the release of physical blockages often comes an emotional release. Crying or other types of emotional expression are common. Your feelings, reactions, and emotions are welcome and never judged in this safe place of healing.

Are there any side effects to cranial sacral therapy?
In some patients with brain injuries or condition, there are have been some reported side effects. Other than that, no harmful, dangerous, or negative side effects are known.

How many cranial sacral therapy sessions will I need?
Each person’s cranial-sacral experience is unique. Acute conditions may require between 2-6 sessions. More chronic conditions or serious diseases often require a longer time period to shift stubborn patterns in the cranial-sacral system and resolve areas of significant resistance.

Does insurance cover my cranial sacral treatment?
At this time, Sō•ma Therapy does not take insurance. However, it is possible to receive receipts to submit to your insurance company should it cover some portion of alternative healthcare.


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Cranial Sacral Therapy Patient Reviews


After just several sessions, I noticed relief from my TMJ. I also experienced a new level of relaxation from the treatments and the refreshingly free, yet rare feeling that comes with letting go of anxiety and stress. Even if I had tried to hold on to stress and anxiety during a session, Soma's healing hands and intuitive healing have now led my body to do what it's really needed. The result? Greater peace and greater balance. She's amazing!  Katie Roberts, Hood River, OR



Soma's Cranial Sacral Therapy seems almost magical. Not only is she able to set me in a state of uttermost relaxation during her sessions, her methods are extremely effective.
How can a subtle touch heal anything? In my case, she was able to ``cure`` my reoccurring headache. I suffered years of feeling a constant pressure on the outside of my head, where conventional doctors tried recommending everything including MRI and serious painkillers.

She is knowledgeable, very professional and extremely attentive. She truly listens. I would highly recommend Soma to anybody searching for an unconventional therapist, deep long relaxing massage or an alternative to a handful of Ibuprofen....

Soma, I Love what you do!!!



I have had several Cranial Sacral Treatments with Soma in the past year. She has a very quiet, gentle touch which was especially calming. One of my sessions I was experiencing a lot of tension in my jaw from a previous Chiropractic adjustment. Soma was still in school and just so happened to be studying the jaw. About 24 hours after my session with her the tension subsided.

She is very passionate about her newly discovered calling and is excited to create a business for herself that encourages peace, gratitude and balance in her the world...and in the body. Why not start with ``the head first``.

Maryanne Hammer



To date I have had the pleasure of receiving the healing hands of Soma Peterson on three occasions for Cranial-Sacral therapy. Unfortunately, I can not say that I received these treatments for any specific reason or ailment. What I can say is this therapy is like nothing I have ever experienced. I know of nothing else that can bring about such relaxation, clarity of the mind and sense of well being. It seemed as though every nerve in my body and thought in my mind had been reset to a perfect state of calm. Soma has an energy, presence and touch that is nothing short of magical. ~ Kim