Hello! I'm Sō•ma Peterson. 

I'm a registered nurse and certified craniosacral therapist  practicing out of a beautiful authentic Mongolian Yurt wrapped in a vineyard view on our property. We are located at 4240 Post Canyon drive here in Hood River Oregon just 10 minutes from the downtown area.  Come experience the tranquil, peaceful and pastoral setting of our 2 acres of vineyard property just adjacent to the Cathedral Ridge winery. Its the perfect place to receive a healing cranial-sacral session!

Soma Peterson, RN, B.S.N., CCST

Craniosacral Therapy Hood River

Soma's Mongolian Craniosacral Therapy Yurt

Retreat to Soma's quiet and private Cranialsacral Therapy space in her Mongolian Yurt wrapped in a Vineyard View.

Sō•ma Craniosacral Therapy in Hood River

Within every living person is “the breath of life,” a very real, silent force that moves in soft rhythms throughout the Cranial sacral system. This nourishing energy also travels beyond that system to inspire and give balance to your body, mind, and spirit. 

When your well being is compromised, however, the “breath of life” can become trapped or stagnant, manifesting as pain, illness, stress, and other physical or emotional challenges.

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Integrating You Back to Health

It is my desire to support you in the discovery of your health and wellness by creating an environment in the body where healing authentically can emerge.

Yurt is located down the driveway past the house on the right.
4240 Post Canyon Road, Hood River, OR 97031

HOURS: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday's 10:00am- 5:00pm